The stretch of road that connects the two bridges leading to Maryland is creating some buzz recently. A while back, the electric company came through and cleared a bunch of trees to help provide quality electric service. This added to an existing predicament that leaves this strip of road in danger of shutting down or causing someone harm if the land or boulders were to finally let loose.


This area causes some unique issues because it sits on the border of 3 states and has strips of land owned by the electric company, national park service, and department of transportation. In other words, nothing will happen till it’s too late.


What can we do? Slowing down through here and leaving some room, especially in the rain, would be a good start. The chances of these boulders being removed before someone gets injured are slim to none, so this one is probably on us.


The purpose of this article is not to scare anyone but I did not realize how intense the situation was till watching this video.


This video goes a little too far into the fear factor Imo but still brings some good information to light.


Imminent Danger on Chestnut Hill Road from Chip Gallo on Vimeo.

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