As more hikers take on the 2,190-mile route each year, Lyme disease intensifies its spread across the eastern U.S.

According to some studies over the past 25 years, the weather we are having lately is good for a type of tick that carries Lyme disease. If you are hiking, it’s a good idea to check often and wear clothing that attempts keeping them out of areas that are hard to check. Lyme is caused by a bacterial¬†infection, so having a healthy immune system might help us from contracting the disease, or at least lessen its severity.

30k people report contracting lyme each year, the CDC estimates the actual number of infections to be more like 300k. Although mainstream medicine says there is no cure for this one, I have seen people say that no longer have ill effects of it after following natural health protocols. There are many people that treat this and other diseases with Bee Sting Therapy as well.


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