Save time and impress mom with something local!

It is time once again to show the mothers of the world how thankful we are for everything they do. Usually we click around online and order a gift or flowers online, but that’s so last year. Now we’ve got WV Pan to connect us with all the local artisans, stores, and businesses. Find something that matches her style or ask a local business owner for help finding something. No matter what mom is into, WV Pan can help you find something local. From local services, to unique shops that are her style, there is something for everyone.

Extra time to relax

Is mom always running out of time cleaning the house? Get her a one time or weekly house cleaning service from WV Pan’s Cleaning Services section. These guys are hard workers and know how to make an incredible amount of cleaning happen. Sometimes it’s nice to get stuff done by a professional and having it done once or twice a year really isn’t too expensive at all.

Cleaning Services

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Remote controlled vehicle

She might not brag about it but maybe mom likes playing in the dirt? What better way to let loose then to kick up some dirt while no where near any dirt? Or sit back and bug everyone with super accurate drone skills throughout the house. Grab her a bad@## RC car from The Hobbies Shop in Downtown Charles Town. Even if RC stuff isn’t mom’s thing, The Hobbies Shop might be able to help you find something her style.

The Hobbies Shop

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One of a kind handcrafted jewelry

Does Mom like unique jewelry? We have a bunch of local artisans in the area that make beautiful handcrafted jewelry. If you aren’t sure what your mom likes, take a couple photos of her jewelry stash and head down to a couple local shops and see what you find or ask the shop owners what they think.

Handcrafted Jewelry

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Fresh local food

10 out of 10 moms surveyed said they liked food, so this one just seems too easy. Know how to cook? Who cares! She’ll eat it anyway! It’s a win win. Browse Local Food and grab what you need from a local shop that carries it or meet up with the producer. Better yet, stop by the Charles Town Farmers Market Saturday morning between 8am and Noon. Warm up a little olive oil in a pan, throw in a tablespoon of grass fed butter and just as it looks like its browning, toss in some fresh local swiss chard or just about any green choped up. Some veggies like Brussels Sprouts are ready in just a minute or so, others can cook down a bit to your liking.

Okay, cooking seriously isn’t your thing? How about some delicious canned foods by Kelley Farm and Gray Fox Farm <– mmmm local honey.

Fresh Local Food

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Chicks love beauty stuff

We’ve got several local artisans creating wonderful smelling and possible ailment aiding skin lotions, soaps, and bath bombs. If mums got a skin condition or complains about dry hands or feet, stop in one of the local shops and ask them if they have anything worth trying. Check out all the local Health & Beauty Artisans.

Health & Beauty Artisans

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Browse all local artisans

Still not sure? Try browsing the All Artisans page for something a little different. Remember, these guys make most of this stuff out of pretty much thin air, believe it or not, they are pretty creative. If you’re anything like me, gifts are pretty hard to come up with sometimes. I like to go for gifts with meaning and these guys can help you find that.

All Artisans

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Customize mom

Hook mom up with a WV logo for her car or mirror or just about anything. Go full custom and incorporate WV into something super rad!

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Mamma dukes a coffee drinker?

About 6 months ago, I gave up a 20+ year almost daily coffee addiction. I had tried a cup or 2 of the same stuff I had been enjoying for a while but it tasted like burnt cardboard, no matter how I cooked it. I made the mistake of trying Black Dog Coffee’s fresh roasted(on site) coffee and want to kick myself for finally quitting coffee right when I find the most delicious coffee I’ve ever tasted. I’m not some kind of coffee guru but I’ve had a few types and learned how to cook it differently and ‘properly’ but BDC’s coffee is the smoothest cup I’ve ever set my lips on.

Black Dog Coffee

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I don’t know what to tell ya at this point

If you’re still stumped, I’m not sure a page full of words and pictures will help. Tell us a little about mum and maybe we can anonymously ask the community if they have any ideas. You have less than a week though, so you might want to get on that.

Contact Us

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Are you a local artisan or business?

Would you like to advertise your products or services in this Mother’s Day extraviganza? Contact Us[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]