Farming in Jefferson County since 1763

Grass Fed Beef, NON-GMO Free Range Eggs, Free Roaming Pork and Seasonal Produce.


As of 2008:

We offer: Free Range Brown Eggs,Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Green Beans, Beets, Potatoes, Spinach, Salad Mix, Chard and other greens, Cucumbers, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Peppers, Eggplant. Beef: Fillet, NY Strip, Delmonico, T-Bone, Porterhouse, Sirloin, Round Roast, Sandwich Steaks, Chuck Roast, Top Round, Ground Beef, and Stew Meats. Pork: Pork Loin Roast and Chops, Country Sausage, Sweet and Hot Italian Sausages, Cured Bacon, Ribs.