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Brine gives your veggies the proper environment which allows the naturally occurring bacteria on them to thrive. These bacteria reproduce rapidly and convert some of your food into more bio-available nutrients and adjust the pH of your brine. As the pH changes, some bacteria die off and others thrive, allowing different bacteria a chance to get their share. After only a few weeks, you've got nutrients that are hard to come by elsewhere and trillions of bacteria eager to get to work in your gut, continuing to break food down on a microscopic level. How many teaspoons of salt is 2% brine? How much salt does it take to ferment vegetables? How much salt does cabbage need for fermentation? What ratio of water to salt is needed for fermenting vegetables? How do I make brine for ferments? What percent brine do I need for Cabbage, carrots, peppers, onions, cauliflower, kohlrabi, asparagus, tomatoes, greens.